Here we will post some of the video footage associated with Loudoun BJJ training and competition conquests. As one can see from the video, we are a very cohesive team that likes to have fun on and off the mat!

Training Video Footage

In this section, we will introduce our visitors to some of the technique taught at Loudoun BJJ. Considering the fact that we are an active competitor school, we will only upload abridged portions of the technique to ensure our continuous success in competition. Detailed technique breakdowns and Loudoun BJJ curriculum are located in the 'Members Only' area of the website and can only be accessed by the Loudoun BJJ team members. 
Advanced kickboxing drill taught in three separate parts to complete the pyramid. Here, it is executed at an easy pace for ease of comprehension; however, the speed of execution can be increased, as the students begin to feel comfortable chaining the combinations.

Competition Video Footage

A couple of highlights from our most recent competition matches.